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Monday, July 10, 2006

absolute best vacuum cleaner for realtors and anybody

A seller called my Dyson Animal the "uber vacuum." It's the one I use before holding open house when my sellers have more pet hair than they can handle. As we have four long-haired dogs, a short-haired one that sheds profusely (at least it means she doesn't need bathing as the dirt comes off with the hair), my own long hair, and my husband's receding hair line, we have to vacuum a lot. And not just the floors because the fans kick the hair up the walls and all the way to the ceiling where it clings. I seem to vacuum up enough to make 10 more little dogs each week. I wouldn't be surprised to hear barking from inside the garbage bag as I haul it out to the curb.

James Dyson isn't exactly an inventor--I'd call him a re-inventor. He takes appliances that already exist and makes them work very well. (His vacuum cleaner was designed in response to his wife's complaints about the shortcomings of the one they had.) His story is also the rare one of the underdog who wins out over the famous company (Hoover) that tried to steal his ideas.

My only complaint about my Dyson when I got it was that it didn't have a good attachment for hooking over to vacuum high shelves, the tops of ceiling fan blades, and semi flushmount light fixtures. They seem to have some new attachments out, however, that I'm going to order and try out.

To read up on James Dyson and his inventions, you can go to his company's main website:



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