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Monday, June 12, 2006

Riverside road problems affect Moreno Valley commuters

The traffic has become really insane in Riverside and Moreno Valley in the last few years. As always, work on freeways and major arteries have been playing catch-up with all the new tracts and influx of commuters. The 60/91/215 interchange has been something of a disaster for several years now, but there are at least possible surface routes to avoid that construction mess. Moreno Valley, however, is getting rather cut-off what with the bottleneck where the 60 and the 215 converge, the endless construction near UCR, and now the planned work on Alessandro, which has been the major connection to Mo Val.

Alessandro has been something of a mini-freeway as it has a speed limit of 55. People coming from the 215 tend to race along it at speeds of 60 to 70. This is highly problematic given that there are stoplights along the way. I've seen some horrific accidents at the Communication Center. They've added a solar-powered speed monitor that starts blinking "SLOW DOWN" for the wanna-be race car drivers. As far as I can tell, it has no affect on their speed, much like the monitor they've added on the dead man's curve on Arlington just above Victoria.

When cars turn left from Alessandro onto Arlington, the speed actually goes down to 45 mph way before the the blinking yellow caution lights. After the Victoria light, the limit is 40, and by Target, it drops to 35. By Victoria Elem, the speed drops down to 25 when children are present. And where Alessandro becomes Central, the speed limit goes down to 40, again dropping to 25 when the kids are getting dropped off and picked up at Alcott. All of these factors combine to turn Alessandro, Arlington, and Central into parking lots at some hours of the day.

So the plan now is to widen Alessandro. This will help make it into a wider but possibly less long parking lot, at least until more people move into the new housing that they're building in eastern Mo Val. And the plan to put a much needed pipeline along Alessandro from Riverside into Mo Val will take care of the back end. Of course, the latter project won't go on forever. When it finally starts, after months of delays, there will at least be light at the end of that tunnel.

I'm recommending to people not to move deep into Mo Val if they have a long, daily commute westward. If they want a spacious, affordable home, they should do their best to get work closeby, so that they can actually spend some time with their families in that terrific house.

Real time traffic map at Press Enterprise site:

June 25, 2006 PE article on Alessandro projects.

Press Entrprise story from April on rejection of bill to declare state of emergency on local freeways.


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