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Monday, May 29, 2006

best tacos in Riverside

Our favorite taco, burrito, and torta stand in Riverside is inside a small market at 6024 Magnolia near Jurupa (between Pep Boys and Tuxie's Drive-in). Up until recently, it was called Cazares, but at the moment, there's no name over the front door (which is actually in the parking lot in back rather than on Magnolia). The new owners' name is Bark, and the business cards on the counter say "Bark's Carniceria." The guys behind the counter told me the new owners are Korean, but they haven't changed much that I can tell. The menu and all the workers seems to be the same.

My husband and little girl always get the carnitas. My husband likes their red salsa so much that he often asks for some extra on the side. (If you're not sure how hot you want it, tell them only to put it on the side, so you can control the amount.) Our 4-year-old is still too young to handle salsa and onions, so she just has the meat in her tacos. I usually get the carne asada with some avocado thrown in.

They have lots of other cuts that you try out and see what you like, plus shrimp, ceviche, and fried fish.


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