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Thursday, April 12, 2007

How many roommates can you have?

From time to time, I've heard that there's a 4-person limit on roommates in the neighborhoods around UCR. Then I run into houses where there are 6 or 7 kids living. I finally emailed my councilman Art Gage and got an answer: a maximum of 4 unrelated people can live together unless it's a "sober house" (ie., halfway home). (Wow, that's fewer than dogs, my husband commented. As I explained to him, dogs ARE family.) Of course, it's dependent on the neighbors watching, counting, and complaining to the city.

I recommend the following: if one of the students is on title (or his/her parents own the house), that person in particular should meet the neighbors at the start of the year, presenting a friendly and responsible face. Otherwise, have the most personable student do so. Keep the grass in front short (it may be worth it to have everyone chip in for yard care). Smile a lot, wave, give little gifts (like flowers for grannies), and don't kiss the neighbor's babies. If you are going to have any parties, tell the neighbors ahead of time, keep the noise and trash under control, and shut down at a reasonable hour. If they get mad at your for some reason, fix it as fast as you can. Believe it or not, this will help a lot. Of course, there will always be someone too curmudgeonly to win over, but if most everyone else loves you, it will be ok. Truth be told, I'd rather live next door to a dozen well-behaved students than two lonely louts. Who wouldn't?


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