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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Personalities that I prefer as buyers rather than as sellers...

I've been very lucky in that I've liked every client that I've had thus far (knock on wood). A few of them had personality traits that made them the perfect buyer or seller. But sometimes people whom I would have loved to have represented when they were buying come to me when they want to sell and vice versa.

Basically, these are clients who are easy going and can accept flaws. When they bought, they got a good price on an imperfect home, and they managed to live there quite comfortably. They made some improvements, and they accepted some of the home's defects while never becoming aware of a few. Sometimes, they also had agents and home inspectors who weren't extremely observant.

Then the time comes for them to sell, and they discover that the seller's market has ended, and buyers are expecting perfection. This can be harsh as they may not have the money to fix up everything and have more than enough to deal with jobs and family. If anything, that's one reason why we have so many houses staying on the market right now--because a lot of people aren't perfectionists, and these houses are expensive. What an average person could put up with for $900 a month, s/he won't for $3500 a month.

Of course, with these prices and consumer uncertainty, even dream sellers are watching their houses sit on the market. Dream sellers are a wonder to behold. Their houses are immaculate, everything works, and if there's a problem, they fix it before an offer even comes in. Since such personalities have excellent credit and savings, they get the termite inspection done during the first week and might even tent the structure before the first open house if termites are found... When they accept an offer and the home inspection is done, they read the report and start making repairs even before the buyer's agent can send a repair request form. Can you imagine what these people are like as buyers? They see every speck of dirt, loose fleck of paint, burnt out light bulb, and lose water heater strap. They detect the slightest odor of a pet, hear distant trains, and feel faintly sticky spots. If I find new construction that fits their needs and preferences, I'm in luck because then they'll get a house that has never been lived in, and they can go after the builder to fix any problems (and they will).

But us realtors can't be too picky. As long as my clients are honest, intelligent, and have a sense of humor (and like I said, I've been very lucky), I can't only represent them in situations of my choosing. So I keep smiling at them (even though sometimes I go home and cry), and I plug on.


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