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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

There are words that rhyme with orange

I was at a party once, and someone started to tell me that nothing rhymes with “orange.”
“Stonehenge,” I said, but he kept on talking. “Stonehenge,” I repeated, but he paid no attention. Once again, I insisted, “Stonehenge,” but he was so convinced that there was no answer that he never seemed to notice. I decided that he wasn’t all that interesting and moved on to another conversation.
It can be very hard getting people to see past some ridiculous rule that they picked up along the way and have never questioned. I generally don’t believe forwarded messages from my friends and put them to the www.snopes.com test for urban legends.
Some of the overgeneralizations that I don’t believe are: “buyers are liars” (enough of them seem to tell the truth to keep us in business), and “real estate agents can’t spell” (some of us can). I also don’t think granite counters are a cure-all or that everyone can save money with cut-rate brokerages.
I’ve been told that no words rhyme with “purple” (so much for pull, full, handle, supple, etc.), “silver” (what about sliver, shiver, river, cover, bother?), or “month” (rhymes with millionth, billionth, trillionth).
In fact, I know of another word that rhymes with “orange,” and that’s “lozenge.” There are probably other words—let me know if you think of any!


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