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Saturday, April 29, 2006

San Bernardino North Lake Project

For some years now, a battle has been going on over the proposed North Lake Project in the City of San Bernardino. Proponents say that it would help to revitalize the area by bringing in revenue and that the lake front area would offer pleasant park sites plus be valuable commercially. At any rate, the lake would be more attractive than the poor neighborhood currently there. And that’s where things get complicated. Opponents argue that the residents, many of whom are Latino and African American, are simply once more victims of racial prejudice.

As for myself, I have some questions.

1) How are they going to make it clean enough? There are mechanic’s shops and other industrial sites in the area. Would you drink the water from there?
2) Houses there have gone up from about 30k to 250k and higher. How are they going to afford to give all the homeowners the current market value for their properties?
3) This is one of the most affordable neighborhoods left within 1.5 hours of Los Angeles. Even if they give the residents fair market value, where will they be able to buy another home without having to leave the region?
4) Is this really an answer to poverty or will it just sweep it under the rug by forcing the poor to move elsewhere?

In the meantime, there are those who continue to buy and sell homes in the area. After all, this has dragged on for a long time, and people have to go on with their lives. The only thing to do is disclose the situation and tell buyers to call the city and the relocation company Overland Pacific & Cutler to see if anyone has a clear schedule for when they’ll start buying homes.

As I told someone who had decided not to accept an offer on his property, he needs for the city to show him the money and a firm date. Otherwise, he could hold his breath until he turns purple.

City sites:

Proposed map of affected area:

Recent Press Enterprise article:

Site by area residents against the lake project:


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