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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Why pet owners love the city of Riverside

The City of Riverside still allows people to have unlimited numbers of cats and licensed dogs whereas the County limits people to 9 and 4, respectively. I was surprised when I first moved here and found out about this situation because I would have thought that people in the country would have more room for animals. However, I came to realize that a horde of large dogs running loose in the countryside could wreak a lot more havoc than a houseful of Yorkies.

There are people who would like to see limits on cats and dogs in the city, and some think we’ll be inundated with compulsive cat collectors if word gets out. Others argue that limits would only discourage people from licensing their dogs. I wouldn’t say that people are moving to Riverside with their animals in truckloads, but on occasion I do get a call from someone who is looking for a kennel or a cattery. I myself came to Riverside with only 1 dog, but now that so many have found us, we’ll never be able to move away.

For now, the city is encouraging people to limit their animals by making it very expensive to license an unfixed dog. For people who breed expensive show animals, the higher license fee costs a lot less than a even a pet quality puppy while owners of beloved mutts are more likely to get around to having them altered.

Most recently, Riverside County is considering requiring pet owners to have their dogs fixed and microchipped.in the unincorporated areas. This idea sounds nice, but how feasible it is remains to be seen. Will animal control go around checking under every tail and between all shoulder blades? After all, they can’t even get owners to put a tag with their current phone number on their dogs’ collars.

For information on licensing in the city versus the county of Riverside, you can go to the first and second sites listed below. The last is a recent article in the Press Enterprise regarding the proposal to require altering and microchipping in the unincorporated areas.



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