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Friday, September 28, 2007


When my husband and I moved to Riverside from Santa Monica, what we probably most regretted leaving behind was the fabulous array of flavors to be found in restaurants in the L.A. area. We have found some places we like a lot and visit often, but the truth is, we've gotten into a rut. And we certainly never could find anything on a par with what we've had in the Bay Area or on an incredible food trip we took through Italy (shockingly expensive, but we'll reminisce about it until our dying days). But now we've had an amazing dining experience that I must put in the top 5 of my entire life, and that place is Omakase, where chef Brein Clements creates memorable food.

Omakase is not for the faint of tastebuds. If you really think one clove of garlic is sufficient, you will find this restaurant overwhelming. For me, each mouthful was a stunning revelation of intense flavors that woke up different spots on the tongue. I truly understood for the first time just which tastebuds sense sweet, which ones salt, and which ones savory. It was like seeing a fauve painting after going through a museum of well-varnished masters, the flavors contrasting boldly and with stunning clarity, yet still harmonizing into a complete work. Each mouthful of each course was a stunning discovery with one taste standing out here, another there.

I highly recommend going with the chef's tasting menu (they will ask you for specific food allergies to make necessary adjustments). You can also get a glass of perfectly matched wine with each course, but I'm going to have to forego that option next time because I almost had to be carried home after 5 glasses. The portions are small and exquisite, so 5 courses are just right and won't make you a glutton.

To eat at Omakase is to experience something that you will not be able to find in other cities as the dishes bring together Japanese, French, Italian, Indian, American, and who knows how many other traditions together into a new marvel. Moreover, the food there brings together an individual chef's artwork and also locally grown organic fruits and vegetables, so you will only find this in Riverside and nowhere else.

To read up on the restaurant and to see how what new wonders the season has brought to their current menu, click on the following link:



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